How does the MLAPI multi project structure work?

Hi guys,

I’m planning on making a multiplayer game, and I was reading the MLAPI documentation.
I want it to have dedicated server, so the server is going to be its own Unity project.

What I’m not understanding is the actual difference between the two projects.

Because according to the documentation the server should have all the behaviors and prefabs that the normal game project does.

Is that the case? Is the dedicated server project the same as the game one asset wise? same assets have to be imported in both projects? Or scene structure? Levels? I’m sure I’m getting something wrong. I would appreciate some clarification.

Also in the documentation, there seems to be no mention of specifying a port when hosting a server, or an IP address when connecting to one (unless I missed them), which is odd.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I haven’t had much experience with MLAPI but if you are using a Windows you can use GitHub - hwaet/UnityProjectCloner: A tool to let the user to create a duplicate project that links back to the original, for multiplayer testing to duplicate your project. The tool uses symlinks to keep your files up to date so you don’t have to maintain all of your changes twice.

Nowadays there aren’t many MLAPI tutorials but i’ve found a youtuber that makes an RPG Multiplayer: