How is the porting (PC->Android/iPhone) done?


I think about making a game with unity for Android or iPhone. Since the license is a lot of money for me, i’d like to create the game first on PC, then buy the license (the pro 30 days free edition doesn’t include Android/iPhone API, right?) and port it to android or iPhone.

Since i’ve never ported anything i’d like to know how i can imagen this. Is there an article about it? Can somone tell me about it, using some code exmaples? I need to know, how much work it will be.

30-day free includes Android but not iPhone.

The main things are you can’t use ‘mouse’ input, you’ll need to use ‘touch’ but there are Mobile Standard Assets that help with it. Also there is less memory, so you have to be very tight on mesh and textures. Not all of the same shaders are supported.