How to call OnTriggerEnter2D only once per GameObject

My problem is, I made explosion script in unity, that triggers colliders and adds force simulating explosion.
The problem is with objects that have multiple collider containing its shape. So If I have weapon that has box and circle collider. It will trigger effect twice and the object will be pushed further than object with single collider. So, my question. Is it possible for “OnTriggerEnter2d” to only trigger each GameObject parrents and only first collider hit per GameObject?
Im useing C# as programming language.

Easiest solution just remove the multiple colliders and replace them with a single collider.

Or, destroy the object that creates the explosion when it is first triggered preventing it from triggering a second time. (if you can’t destroy the gameObject itself for any reason) add an empty game object and put the explosion trigger on that then destroy the child only.