How to Change the Scene?

Hi u All, I can't change the scene in Unity 2.6.1f3 on my IMac.


Since you haven't been very specific about whether you're trying to change to a scene you've already created, or to a new scene, or whether you want to do this in the editor or at runtime, I'll do a quick overview of all of them!

Go to File -> New Scene to begin creating a new scene in the editor. If you've just started a new project, Unity starts you off in a new empty (unsaved) scene.

Save it with File -> Save Scene. Scenes should be saved in your project Assets folder. Unity will prompt you to save unsaved or modified scenes.

When you save a scene in your assets folder, it will be visible in the project pane in the editor, along with all the other assets that are part of your project. Scenes have a little Unity-Logo icon.

You can switch between scenes in the editor by double-clicking on a scene in the project pane in the editor. If you've made changes in the current scene, Unity will prompt you to save before switching to a new scene.

The commands to load and switch between levels in scripting can be found in the scripting reference for the Application class. In particular, you'll probably want to look at Application.LoadLevel

In order to be able to load a level in your final build, you have to make sure it's included in the list of levels in your "Build Settings" dialog. Use File -> Build Settings to do this.

do i have to dele a scene before change to other scene?

memory handling.