How to conveniently generate normal & mask map for 2D texture?

I have read through the document given by Unity, they said using Photoshop. May I ask do they generate the texture automatically or manually? Btw, are there any software or methods recommended for the generation?


The PS interface for the 3D normal map filter is not convenient, functional, and user-friendly:

There are a couple of software solutions for generating normal maps out there. I use Laigter for my project. It is free and can batch process many files. There are also a few configuration options for the normal maps. Quality of the maps is decent for a free tool. Also tile maps are supported, but they require some fine-tune effort. You can get the tool here:

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Thanks! Do you also know any tools for generating the mask map?
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With "mask map" I guess you are referring to _MaskTex which can be added as a secondary texture to other textures. It can be used by shaders for different purposes. The screenshot you posted indicates that they may probably be used in your case for some additional highlighting/shading. Unfortunately I don't know of concrete tools that can reproduce these results. Certainly there are some other tools than Photoshop which can create such mask maps.

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I am interested in using mask maps as well. It looks like we're both talking about Sprite-Lit-Default Material and the corresponding shader that comes with URP. I believe in that Material it's just called _Mask and not _MaskTex, but I haven't verified that yet.

As an aside, this seems like something that could be auto-generated with an ONNX model via some Sentis code, but I haven't found a suitable model to experiment with.