How to create air in the rooms

I’m working on a Sci fy space simulator project right now and I was wondering how I can create rooms filled with air, I mean if that room is going to be damaged or destroyed the air is supposed to leak and then the room is no longer accessible. I was thinking about using triggers but triggering all rooms in the whole spaceship is a mess.
Is there any method that I can use to simulate air in my rooms?

Here is a super simple example, hope it helps.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class LeakingAir : MonoBehaviour {

		public float  airEscapeRate;						// How quickly the air can escape.
		public float percentOfAir;							// How much air is in the room.
		public bool roomIsAccessible;						// Can the room be accessed?
		public bool roomIsDamaged;							// Is the room damaged?

		float airLeakTimer;									// The counter that removes air from the room.

		float setAirLeakTimer = 100;						// The amount of air in the room to begin with. 
															// At 100 it will register 100% full.

	void Awake(){

		roomIsAccessible = true;							// To start the room can be accessed
		roomIsDamaged = false;								// and the room is not damaged

		airLeakTimer = setAirLeakTimer;						// Sets the timer. By setting the value in this way 
															// it would be possible to easily "fix" the room
															// by resetting the airLeakTimer to the setAirLeakTimer.


	void Update(){

		percentOfAir = (airLeakTimer / 100) * 100;			// Shows percentage of air in room.

		if(roomIsDamaged)									// When the room gets damaged
			airLeakTimer -= Time.deltaTime * airEscapeRate;	// the timer starts and is accelerated by airEscapeRate

		if(airLeakTimer <= 0)								// Makes sure the percentage doesn't do into the negative.
			airLeakTimer = 0;

		if(percentOfAir <= 0)								// Checks how much air is in the room, if there is none
			roomIsAccessible = false;						// makes the room inaccessable.