How to duplicate terrain and edit the copy?

I'm trying to duplicate terrain and edit the copy. I want to change texture (terrain layers). It doesn't work and it always apply changes to all terrain copies. Help me please.

Terrain data is stored in the TerrainData asset that is automatically created in your project folder if you create a new terrain. You want to copy that asset too and assign it to the hierarchy terrain duplicate.


Where can I assign this terrain.asset to the hierarchy terrain duplicate? I tried to find it but failed.

Not sure out of my head, but it may be that they made the field hidden for some reason. You can set the inspector into debug mode

where the field should be visible somewhere in the now displayed field salad.
Afterwards you can set it back to normal


If I remember correctly, you can also drag and drop the TerrainData asset into the Scene or Hierarchy and a new Terrain GameObject will be made for you


That worked, thank you!

I wonder why does Unity do not allow us to do that without debug mode while terrain collider can be assigned.

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Unity terrainData, Can it be convert into other format? like .X file ?

Thank you so much.

this helped alot . finally

Note, that you may also need to duplicate the terrain layers if you want to play with there shader properties, or just change the texture.

Right click inspector tab > Debug - then you'll be able to assign the terrain data.

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I'm still having the same trouble none of the steps seemed to have worked?

Not seen this before. Thanks for that tip!!

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Thanks from future for help :p

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Thanks got this to work now. Also naming layers and keeping all of them in each scene helped me (unchecking terrain layers not needed)

Great! Thanks.

Correct answer is here ;)