,How to get the script of an element? or the GameObject of an Component?

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I have an GameObject ‘PathA’, which has a Component ‘Script Instantiator’. This Scrit has Elements (Vehicles). Each Element has Component ‘Script AICar’. How can I get the name of the GameObject ‘PathA’ from the Element?

I am coding in the Script o138458-unity.jpgf the Element. I want to say somthething like: this.transform.gameobject → The parent Script → It’s parent GameObject, wich it is attached to.

Its actually the GetComponet Function the other way round, how can i code it?

,Hi :slight_smile:
I have a GameObject ‘PathA’, which has a Component ‘Script’. The Script has a public List with Elements (Vehicles) in it. Each Element has the a Script ‘AICar’. I want to find the name of the GameObject ‘PathA’ through my Elements.
something like: this.transform.gameobject-> get it’s Script > gehts its GameObject which it is attached to.


This is not possible the way you think. A gameObject / component does not know when it is referenced by another component.

Your only solution is to “inject” the reference of the gameObject / instantiator inside the vehicles

// Vehicle.cs

public Instantiator Instantiator
   get ; set ;

// Instantiator.cs

private void Start()
    for( int i = 0 ; i < vehicles.Count ; ++i )
         vehicles*.Instantiator = this ;*

(Next time, think about doing a screenshot instead of taking a picture with your phone / camera)