How to maintain world and game object pixel size no matter the screen size?

(Unity 5.5.0b8)

I can’t seem to find the right terms to find the answer to my question, and I would imagine it’s been asked many times, so I apologies in advance…

I’m trying to create a 2D isometric game world. My game will have a scrollable game world (entire map) and viewport (the client’s viewable area). The client will only view part of the world depending on their screen size (viewport). My world and the game objects within should maintain their actual pixel size no matter the device used to play the game.

How can I accomplish this (roughly)? Everything I do seems to scale my world and game objects depending on the screen size.

Why 2d camera is not pixel perfect - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions perhaps this will help? I’ve never tried tonic’s answer- looks like it should work though.