How to make an object follow the rotation of another object?

how to make an object following another object rotating around a circle?

So, object A stands still and rotates in a circular motion, right? Then you can just pass this object’s transform.rotation to the transform.rotation of the object that should follow it. If you only want to use the y rotation, then take the y value of the first object’s eulerAngles and pass it to the second object’s eulerAngles.

Transform object_a;
Transform object_b;

float euler_y = object_a.eulerAngles.y;
object_b.eulerAngles = new Vector3(object_b.eulerAngles.x, euler_y, object_b.eulerAngles.z);

If the following object should rotate towards the edge of the circle, then you just take the first object’s transform.positon and add it’s forward direction vector times the radius.

Transform object_a;
Transform object_b;
float radius = 3f;

Vector3 circleEdgePos = object_a.position + object_a.forward * radius;
object_b.LookAt(circleEdgePos );

i am using this for the object_b, because i need controll mecanim velocity

void OnAnimatorMove(){

  newPos = anim.rootPosition;
  newRot= anim.rootRotation;

  transform.position = newPos;
  transform.rotation= newRot;