How to make the camera shows the whole Canvas (world space)?


I have a Canvas with 1920 * 1080 size, and i used World Space as the render mode and set the Main Camera in the Event Camera.

i did that so i can easily check my ui for 1920 * 1080 reolution.

the problem is i cant set camera to have 1920x1080 same as the Canvas, so How can i let the camera show only the canvas

Edit#1 : Image explination (i want the camera to be 100% on the canvas)

After reading the comments on your question I think I have an answer. You can open a dropdown menu in the top left of the game view where it says “Free Aspect” and select 16:9. That is the right aspect ratio for 1920x1080. Then you can use screen space on the canvas. Now for all of your gui elements make the anchor the size of the gui element. Now it should look the same on the game view as if you build the game and start it up in 1920x1080.