How to remove unwanted shine (smoothness) on terrain?

Is there any way to turn off the smoothness without reverting to the legacy shader?

What you can see on the screenshot below is a unity 5 terrain with the new shader and some textures.
Given the camera/terrain angle and a directional light, a very bright shinny area appears over that texture (since it is the cliff texture I guess).
The texture itself is a png with NO alpha channel. Changing the smoothness factor towards 1 just concentrates the shine, but it won’t disappear.

It seems really unnatural to have shinning dirt and rocks :S (would look good for metallic/lustrous floors)


Link to screenshot

You NEED alpha channel, if theres none it will be intepretated as white which is high shine, add alpha channel in your image editing program and color it to black. It solved issues with shine for me.

Another alternative is perhaps to select the texture and change the Alpha Source in the inspector to “None”

I don’t know of this helps anyone, but I just came on with the same question. If you click on the terrain gear icon and click on “Material” and set it to “custom” that took away the glossy shine for me. I’m not very experienced with Unity so I don’t know how this could negatively impact your project, but for me it was a quick fix, if that’s what you’re looking for. Good luck!

Click on the material, go to Alpha Source and change to - From Grayscale

Go to Terrain Setting change Texture to Built In Legacy Diffuse

The terrain material has a shader you made. Go and change the specular color to black and you get rid of shine


all you have to do is click terrain, find reflection intensity and dial it down by like… A BUNCH!

I have saved my terrain by setting Alpha Source to From Gray Scale.

After that the glossy metallic and sun reflections went away. Btw it happened only on iOS build. Android did not have this issue.


alt text