How to run Unity3D on Ubuntu

I use Linux/Ubuntu but i dont know how to run Unity 3d on Ubuntu.PLease help.
Thanks in advance

Unity’s support for Linux is limited to builds targeting Ubuntu 10.10 and later. There is no way to run the Unity editor on Linux and to my knowledge there are no plans to create a Linux based editor in the foreseeable future. So that means that although there is Linux publishing, development is still tied to either Windows or Mac

Here is a link to a blog post that discussed this: Linux Publishing in Unity

Try virtualbox.
Works for me!

Hi boys and girls :wink:
I can run unity3D editor on a ubuntu 14.04 64-bit (on a lenovo L530 laptop with only its graphical chipset) by following

It would be great that a native unity3D editor could be developped.
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lots of c# to all of u!

This question may be old but I wanted to mention that there is an experimental build for Linux that went out a few months ago:

plus the forum seems to be up-to-date:

note: This answer is for anyone who stumbles across this thread before finding the other sources like what happened to me.

I also want to mention that the editor sure does the job, a bit too buggy though. text

Ask Google, the first hit looks pretty good.