how to save prefab that indicates if the scene should be played or not?

i want to make a game tutorial scene that carry game playing tutorial with slides, now when user install this game on device for first time then this scene will show first and after that, that never show,
how can i make this?

For that type of thing you can get away with using playerprefs to keep track of whether or not they have seen the “tutorial” or not. What you could do is, when the game loads, have it check if a playerpref exists saying its already been seen, like this (probably in Start() method of some script in the first scene that loads):

        if (PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SeenTutorial") == 1) // we have seen the tutorial before

And when a player does the tutorial, we need to tell future launches that its been seen like this (possibly when the tutorial scene first starts, in some Start() method):

PlayerPrefs.SetInt("SeenTutorial", 1); // we will know we have seen the tutorial 

Good luck!