How To set the start time of an audiosource


I want my game to remember where the music left off if you quit the application. Can someone explain to me why the following doesn't seem to work and how to properly set the start time of an audio source:

var test : AudioSource;

function Start()
    test.time = 3.00;
    print (test.time);

The print gives a number close to 0 like 0.27xxx I'm using an Mp3 for the music, and I'm working with unity iphone.

Thanks! you all rock!



I think with mp3 sounds, because of the method of compression where the sound data is split into discrete 'frames', there's a limit to the resolution at which you can specify any given time within the sound.

You might find that if you use uncompressed sound, you get a finer degree of accuracy, however this will of course inflate the filesize a lot.