How to use AndroidJavaObject/AndroidJavaClass

I want to create plugin for Android Unity Application. I read official tutorial and if i’m not wrong we can create plugin using 3 option. Native way using C++, using Java and NDK and using AndroidJavaObject & AndroidJavaClass

I want to make plugin using AndroidJavaObject but i can’t find an example in that tutorial. Does anyone know where i can find an example project for that ? I can’t find example project using AndroidJavaObject in there.

I also read Integrating Unity with Eclipse Tutorial, if i want to make plugin using AndroidJavaObject did i need following that tutorial too ?

If you still need any help or for anyone that might stumble upon this. I just spend a couple hours looking for an answer to the plugins, found nothing and then figured it out via trial and error.

If you download the JavaPluginProject and import it into a project ( I suggest an empty one for testing purposes) Then look at CallJavaCode.cs you will find that it only calls jni libraries.

But i have basically found using plugin tutorial from unity and some trial and error how you call functions from from those classes.

AndroidJavaCLass only calls an instance of an activity (it does not create it)

AndroidJavaObject creates a new object class (basically like calling new Class.class)

Then from an object (eg; AndroidJavaObject obj) you call“methodName”) and use (“methodName”, arg1,…,argn) if there is any argumants necessary.

will edit when i have a full tutorial up.

to anyone still searching here is a helpful link :