index out of bounds


This is probably a really noob question, but I cannot find the answer. The following code gives:

UnityException: Index out of bounds.

can somebody point me to why I'm failing here:

if ((Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Began)  && !isPaused )
   //Do something

Thanks a Lot!

Wild guess: Use iPhoneTouch.GetTouch(0), not Input. But the error message would be bizarre if that's the answer.

I solved the problem i was having by assigning the value i wanted (the touch position) to a variable and using that instead.

still puzzled as to why I was getting the error, and not getting it in the following.

if (Input.touchCount > 0)
    // Get position of the first finger
    var touchPosition : Vector2 = Input.GetTouch(0).position;

I think its because since the Touches are stored in an array, you have to iterate through it (like they have shown in the documentations) according to the touchCounts registered. If not, like Wolfram mentioned, you will be accessing the first element of an empty array.

I can fix this problem by add condition: if(Input.touchCount > 0)
I put my code in Update() function so at the beginning, when i have no touch, this code still run, i think the problem is come from there

a same problem

i fix with GetLenght:

    // Return X or Y Coord of touch - Use Ex: ToqueCoord ('x', i); i as index of touch; 

int ToqueCoord(char c, int i) {
	int x = 0, y = 0; 
	int t = Input.touches.GetLength (0);

	Debug.Log (t);

	if (t >= (i)) {
		x = (int)Input.touches [i - 1].position.x;
		y = (int)Input.touches [i - 1].position.y;
		Debug.Log ("OK");

	if (c == 'x') {
		return (x);
	if (c == 'y') {
		return (y);
	return (0);

Problem fixed here : index out of bounds unity - YouTube