Input System multiple actions on same keybind

Action with binding: Button with one modifier triggers another action which has a binding that uses the same key as the button in the first action.

Both of these actions activate correctly when scrolling, but I want the ShoulderOffset action to not trigger the Zoom action. At the moment I’m just flipping on a boolean whenever Shift is held to differentiate between what the code should do but I was wondering if there was a clean way to do this.

Just curious if you ever found an answer to this? I’m dealing with a similar issue. I have 6 attacks bound to the left mouse button where the attack called depends on the position of the mouse in screen space. I’ve figured out how to get all that to work but I’m unsure the best way to seperate out the attacks. I have the logic all under an ‘OnThrust’ method atm but since all 6 attacks rely on left mouse, it’s going to call all 6 when pressed. I tried writing an if in Update but it calls each attack multiple times. I thought about writing a dummy method to handle logic but that seems clunky.