Inspector missing enable disable toggle for all objects


after updating from unity after 5.4.1 my inspector is missing the enable displace box

It seems to be happening only with the old Project

New projects are fine

this is a related issue from 2015

I dont have GooglePlayGames/Editor/GPGGizmo.cs" in my project so this is not the fix for me

Also someone said using CustomEditor() can cause this problem also. I have custom editors that i need to keep. Like Houdini Engine and Steam VR

Im not sure how to debug this problem since I don’t know what is causing the problem.

any help is appreciated

For anyone else who has this problem I managed to solve it by searching for Editor Folders and deleting them one by one until the toggle in the inspector showed up. For my case the Problem was in the Package
Photon Unity Networking/Demos/DemosHub/Editor
and The OVR/Editor of the Oculus/Gear VR SDK