Instantiate question...

If I am right, when you are instantiating an object, it spawns using the exact position/rotation of the object that the instantiating script is attached to. How can you instantiate something as if it(the object that is doing the instantiating) where facing another direction? For example; if Object A were facing 5 degrees left (where up/down is the y axis), how could you instantiate something so that it is as if Object A was facing 25 degrees left (if that makes sense)?

Instantiate(originalPrefab, positionVector3, rotationQuaternion)

Just instantiate it at the position you want (like fireDude said) or you can change the rotation after you've spawned your object.

Since all of you are not able to specify what language you are using, I’ll assume the beginners choice: Javascript.

var newObj = Instantiate(prefab);