iPhone video playback in 3.0 beta5 working?

I just downloaded the 3.0 beta5 but it appears I'm doing something wrong when playing a video back on the iPhone. Has anyone gotten this feature to work yet?

Also, I am set up correctly? 1) I have my StandardAssets folder, then the StreamingAssets folder with the video inside of it. 2) I'm using the below line to call the movie to play in a Start function and again later after the level is completed: iPhoneUtils.PlayMovie("test.mov", Color.black, iPhoneMovieControlMode.CancelOnTouch); 3) The video is actually named test.mov

All I get for playback is a black iPhone movie screen that blinks very quickly.

Link to release notes for reference

For those transitioning from iphone 1.7, the streaming assets directory's name was changed from: iPhoneStreamingAssets to StreamingAssets and moved into the Assets Directory. So if upgrading from iPhone1.7 to Unity3 you'll need to both rename the directory and move it into the assets directory.

Unfortunately the Video play commands do not generate errors messages, so this can be very painful to debug.

The only mention of this change I could find is in the release notes linked in the question above. I haven't been able to find a page that lists the specific changes iphone developers need to make to upgrade to Unity 3

Hi, I had the same issue you should put the StreamingAssets INSIDE the Assets folder and that should work :)