Is it possible to change the resolution of a Terrain?

I’ve already created a Terrain (modelled it) but it turns out the default 512x512 resolution is not enough for me. I tried the Terrain->Set Resolution... to change its resolution to 2048x2048 but it didn’t resize my terrain - it created a new, flat one. Is it impossible to change the resolution of an already created Terrain?

You could export the terrain as an .obj file, change the resolution, then convert the mesh back into a terrain.

  1. Select your terrain and go the settings tab in the inspector
  2. Scroll down to the section “Texture Resolutions (On Terrain Data)”
  3. Enter the new Heightmap Resolution you want and click ‘Resize’

This maintains the current details of the mesh so you do not have to export and reimport stuff. Not sure when this feature was added, but tested as of Unity 2019.2.13f1

basically only increasing the length and width wont help after increasing the length and width you need to increase terrain density too.
try it i m not sure though

Select terrain and in the inspector find terrain settings, under the Resolution title you can change terrain width, length and height.

Try going into: Terrain Settings > Texture Resolutions then turn up/down the Heightmap Resolution

click on terrain, there is a setting icon, clicking on it leads u to resolution. In the resolution change terrain width , height and length. But doing so can affect the position of other game objects like road, cars, trees, building present in the terrain. So u need to edit their position as well after changing terrain resolution.