Is there a way to force the web player to the background?

I have a Facebook canvas page hosting a Unity web player game. The problem is that the Unity player draws over top of everything else, so if for example the user has notifications they can only see part of the drop down menu from Facebook. Likewise if I attempt a wall post, the dialog from Facebook gets drawn behind the Unity window.

I'm almost certain I've seen a solution to this before but my Google-Fu appears to be broken tonight.

No other elements can draw on top of a Unity web player within the browser. The standard workaround is to temporarily hide the div that contains your Unity content, resize it to zero pixels, or use one of the above techniques in conjunction with a static splash image replacing your Unity content, all of which can be done using Javascript on the containing page.

Hi there,
Im having trouble to show/hide the unity div. If I only switch style.visibility from hidden to visible on the unityPlayer div, IE automatically reload the unityPlayer, which is off course not the behaviour expected. Works fine with FF.
Could you show a bit of code to resize the div pls ? Or the way you use $(‘unityPlayer’).hide ?
Thanks a lot !