Learning path of unity

Hello everyone
I am very new to this community. I am a .NET developer - I started my career with web based application development using C# . Now for my official purposes I need to learn game development specially mobile game and AR, VR games.

  • What are the suitable learning path for me to learn unity step by step from beginner to pro?

  • How much learning curve involve with learning unity game development?

  • I know different peoples needed different amount of learning time therefore please give me a minimum usual time can require for learning unity for a stable level from where one can develop a game.

*Since learning anything takes time, effort and money so after learning Unity, what are some different ways to make money outside of job?

Thanks in advance

Hi @mojamhaque, to answer your first question, Unity Learn is a great way to Start learning unity. It offers a wide range of tutorials to teach you how to begin making games, it also offers more advanced tutorials. A good thing about Unity Learn is that it is free. Another option is to buy a course on Udemy, which is how I learned. You can find a good selection of courses, and they often go on sale.

Before moving on to you other questions, it is good to play around with unity and make some practice games, just to get a good feel while using unity for actually developing your own projects.

For your second question, it really depends on how you learn. But It also depends on what you want to learn. I can’t really offer much insight there.

For you third and final question, to make a basic 2D or 3D game, learning at a steady but relaxed pace, I would say 2-3 months of learning. You first real game will be a practice project, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. I think a few months of learning and a few practice projects you could start to work you way up to more advanced projects.

Overall, it takes a long time to build up to an advanced level, (I’m in the Beginner-Intermediate range, with only 5-6 months), my best advice, is to learn, and then create a project to test yourself on what you just learned. If you get stuck on something, ask somebody here in Unity Discussions.

Here’s some resources:
Scripting API
Unity Learn

Hope this helped. :slight_smile: