Local Multi Player Tutorials

Okay so I’ve been using unity consistently for a year and half now and I’m trying to find a tutorial or online course that will teach me how to make local multiplayer.

I have a basic FPS and I plan to publish it for free and make it so one computer can have 2-4 different controllers (not the same keyboard) So friends can play the game locally. This game would be shared with my friends and family for the purpose of gaining experience and figuring out what works well for my game and what doesn’t so that once I move on to making an actual commercial game I don’t have sloppy code and weird bugs that could have easily been avoided.

Again I’m not trying to make a AAA-game I’m trying to learn how to make a functional clean game. The goal is experience.

Normally I would just watch hours of youtube and then buy a udemy course but everything I’m seeing is for sharing a keyboard or having an online multiplayer game which I am far from ready for.

Any good tutorial would be appreciated but I’m trying to avoid youtube as I’ve realized that a lot of tutorials on youtube are very basic and sometimes even have horrible bugs once you expand on the code. I’m more than willing to put down money to learn this. However if you know of an awesome youtube tutorial I’ll watch it gladly.


I highly recommend you take a look at the New Input System. There is built in support for multiplayer and you can even do split camera views. You can take a look at the most recent Unite talk where it was mentioned and there are countless tutorials about how to implement it.

Correct me if I am wrong but whether you create it for multiplayer or for lan, it doesn’t affect the code. The only thing that changes is the IP connected to which would have to be a local ip on lan. So your fine learning how to code for a multiplayer game. If your using UNET there is tons of tutorials out there.

UNet is deprecated, try FM Network UDP in Asset Store?