Mach-O Linker error Xcode

I just completed an iOS project in Unity and am trying to build and run it in Xcode. Admittedly, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Xcode, but my app won’t run because I have about a hundred Mach-O linker errors on the side. I’m using 4.6.3. Any advice how to get this fixed?



I have had the same problem. But the one thing you must not do, is verify your project in Xcode, just compile as is. I think the linker errors will go away then,

I was also getting this bug when i used facebook third party plugin
I solved it by commenting those error lines in xcode

if you are using Iads or social media try to import it in xcode

hope it will help

The first errors are related to Metal, and that API will only build on devices it was made for (just the very latest ios devices). The other error I can’t really say anything about. Did you remove any files manually?

which social plugins you are implemented in you project ? (are you implements Applovin,Facebook ?) This error is confling with unity 4.6+.

I had the same problem.
I made a video to show you how to fix it.