My assets can't load into project

I have not been using Unity for a while. I tried to open a project which I developed under Version 5.3. When I opened it, Unity told me that I may have to reimport assets. I pressed continue, and then on Assets folder in project window, I chose reimport all, however nothing showed up. When I tried to view my assets by “Reveal in Finder”, I could see all my asset files.

See my first screen which shows the assets folder is empty:

See the second screen which I revealed assets in finder:

Please help to solve this problem. I double checked and know for sure that I am opening the correct project folder.

You could have inadvertently made a new scene and viewing that instead. Go to wherever your scene is save and access it that way

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?
@tammyhuang ,I have the same problem… Did you solve it?