Oculus Rift VR HMD: How to disable the health and safety warning ( HSW ) ?

How can I disable the health and safety warning ( HSW ) starting the game for improving workflow development purposes, skip, keeping facing this screen or having to click into. To improve wasted of time using Oculus Rift.

AFAIK it’s not possible to disable the HSW with the Rift (although it was possible on the DK2 in some of the early runtimes). You used to be able to easily disable it with the Debug Tool that came with the SDK. I can see why they wouldn’t want people to disable it from Home but there really should be a way for devs to do it. Please add your voice to this thread on the Oculus Forums.

for Windows 7 8 10

I was not able to disable HDW on Oculus DK2 following the video nor via command file.

Here is a video explanation of how to disable HDW on Oculus DK2: 1.
Start your PC as administrator mode.

The answer here was not working:

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