physical material friction problem with unity 5

Hi guys
i updated my next game with unity 5 but sadly i see that physic is very different from unity 4.6.1.
It looks the problem is the friction wich seems to don’t do his job properly.

In unity 4.6.1, i have a very simple scene where 3 cubes fall on a ground and stay in the same position because of the friction ( with dynamic friction:0.6 and static friction:1 in their physical material)

If i update this scene in unity 5
The friction don’t seem to work enough and cubes slide slowly. Even if i put a static and dynamic friction to 1000.


What’s the problem? Is there a problem with the way i use friction? How can i have the same dynamics than in unity4?

Thanks a lot.


Had the same issue, it drove me crazy, but I found solution

Edit > Project Settings > Physics

Solver Iteration Count: at least 10 (I use 15)

I not sure to remember how i fixed this problem.
It was not about friction mode for sure.

If i remember well, the main problem in my scene was that i made modifications (destroy, ground movement, etc) that affect rigidbodies in an update function (newbie mistake).
When i put everything in a fixedUpdate function, to let the engine to update every physics in same time, that fixe my problem.

hope it helps