Player locations not syncing in client and server for Photon

We are attempting to make a 2D multiplayer game using Photon Fusion and Unity 2021.3.5f1.
We have setup the fusion app and framework based on this tutorial on youtube:

however when the server is started all is well, but when the clients join the server can see them but the clients are all being spawned at 0,0 where on the server they're at 35,40. Does anyone have any idea why the clients position would not be syncing up? 0,0 seems to me the server isnt sending the players location across hence the null spawnpoint.
Spawn code inside Spawner.cs which is tied to the NetworkRunner prefab as shown in the tutorial:

public void OnPlayerJoined(NetworkRunner runner, PlayerRef player)
        NetworkPlayer networkPlayer;

            networkPlayer = runner.Spawn(playerPrefab, Utils.GetRandomSpawnPoint(), Quaternion.identity, player);

NetworkPlayer code:

public override void Spawned()
        if (Object.HasInputAuthority)
            Local = this;

            Debug.Log("Spawned local player");
        else Debug.Log("Spawned remote player");


The prefabs for the objects need to have the NetworkObject component. It's odd the objects don't show on the remote player. Please check if a newer version of Fusion has the same problem (and let us know which one you tried).

I am using Photon Simple FPS for WebGL. It doesn't show session code as a host but on client side it shows session code.

Please post it in a new thread instead of reviving an old one which isn’t related. Or mail us: