Polycount Disparity Between Inspector & Game View

This issue is present in multiple models and I’m not sure the issue.

A model is imported with X number of tris. For example let’s say it has 5K tris in the Unity editor. When I click on the mesh it says 5k. I drag it into an empty scene–there are 5k tris in the scene.

However, the actual game in which I am using this object increases the tri count of the scene by almost 3 or 4 times as much in some cases according to the stats window. So, seemingly, the object adds 20k tris in the actual game scene.

This is presumably some sort of shader tom-foolery and we’ve had some success reducing the issue by using a mobile diffuse shader instead of a mobile vertex lit. However this issue is present on objects with neither of these shaders.

The question is then, why is this happening? Like I said, I’m guessing shader shenanigans–but what should I be looking for?

The stats window shows the number of triangles drawn. If a material has three shader passes (because it accounts for 3 per-pixel lights, say), each triangle of the mesh with that material assigned gets drawn three times.

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