[RELEASED] Limitless Glitch Effects

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Limitless Glitch Effects is a collection of 20 post-processing effects imitating video glitches.

All glitches are neat and have lots of customization options. All effects also fully configurable within scripts.

Limitless Glitch Effects fully support Built-in/URP/HDRP

  • Built-in render pipeline requires the “Post-processing” package to be installed (Post Processing Stack v2).
  • Universal Render Pipeline. Effects work as custom render feature.
  • High Definition Render Pipeline. Custom Post-processing effects.


  • Mask effects with any texture (Render texture or sprite)
  • Apply effects to any layer separately (Great for UI elements)
  • Customizable render ordering to achieve unique look
  • Full support HDRP/ URP/ Built-In
  • Demo scene and All source code include in the package.
  • Fully suitable for Desktop, Mobile, WebGL.
  • Works with Unity 2020/2021/2022/2023+
  • Cinemachine support
  • Customizable render ordering



If you run into any issues or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out !

I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Contact email: limitlessunitydevelopment@gmail.com

Please keep in mind that I’m in the UTC+5 time zone and usually reserve weekends for personal time

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Limitless Glitch Effects finally released on Asset Store!!!

Limitless Glitch Effects v2.0.0 New Update !!!

  • 12 new effects
  • URP support
  • HDRP support
  • Lots of optimization and improvements
  • Mask effects with any texture (Render texture or Sprite)
  • Apply effects to any layer separately (Great for UI elements)
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Hi !
Will it work for a VR project under Unity 2020 using HDRP ?

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wonder the same thing for ar… too.?

Hi, you mentioned using the effects on specific layers. Is this through camera stacking? (using URP).


In URP you can use effects on specific layers with 2 methods.

You make separate effects with 2 methods.

Method 1:

  1. Change needed elements layer in scene on needed layer.
  2. Create Render Texture.
  3. Create separate camera on needed layer to render image to Render Texture.
  4. Create main post process volume.
  5. Insert previously created Render Texture in needed effect “Mask” field.
  6. All done! Now you can see your elements with effects rendered separately from other elements in scene.

Method 2:

  1. Make sure that you added “Limitless Custom Texture” Render feature to your Renderer.
  2. Create Canvas with needed UI elements on layer UI.
  3. Create Render Texture.
  4. Create separate camera on layer UI to render image to Render Texture.
  5. Create post process volume to apply needed effects to UI elements.
  6. Create main post process volume.
  7. In Volume click “Add Override” Limitless Glitch/CustomTexture.
  8. Insert previously created Render Texture in “Texture” field.
  9. All done! Now you can see your UI elements with effects rendered separately from other elements in scene.

NOTICE: Limitless Glitch Effects render features order in your Renderer. If you want separate layer to be rendered on top of other layers, make sure that " Limitless Custom Texture " Render feature is in the bottom of the list.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll give it a shot!
Loving both this and the Retro Pro asset. Great job.

Hi, thanks for cool asset!

Getting this after updating to 2022.1:

UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal.ScriptableRenderer:get_cameraColorTarget ()
LimitlessCustomTexture:AddRenderPasses (UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal.ScriptableRenderer,UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal.RenderingData&) (at Assets/External/LimitlessUnityDevelopment/Limitless Glitch/LimitlessGlitch_URP_Effects/Runtime/LimitlessCustomTexture.cs:18)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)```


Actually didn’t tested Glitch effects with 2022.1 Unity version.
I will test it and get back to you with fixed version.

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Thank you!

Hey there! Cool asset!

Just a heads up to let you know that the Glitch_1 effect doesn’t play nice with depth of field and looks like it’s eating the skybox as well. The other glitch effects don’t seem to have that problem though.

We’re using 2021.3.2 and URP!


Glitch_8 intermittently flips the screen upside-down with URP and 2021.2.7. Any chance of a fix?

Thank you! Great asset otherwise.


In order to reproduce and fix that screen upside-down bug, can you please provide me with some additional info ?

  1. Your URP version.
  2. Do you see it on build or in editor ?
  3. Please make some screenshots of your Camera settings, Universal Render Pipeline Asset, your Renderer.

Hi there, I want to add the Limitless Glitch effects to a few objects so I’ve followed method 1 above but the description steps were unclear to me.

I’ve set up a layer called, “limitless”. Ive created a new camera under the main camera that is on the limitless layer

I’ve added the Limitless Render asset to my URP high Fidelity pipeline asset and added the New Glitch features including the final custom one.

In the URP-HighFidelity pipeline asset I can only set one to be used which means if I choose the Limitless Render asset only those few objects can be seen.

I have post processing set up for a number of effects (eg Vingette) that is enabled across all layers.

So I can’t see how I can have just those objects on the limitless layer with the glitch features only and have everything else viewable, and with their own Unity post processing effects running.

Is that not possible?


anyone ?

v2.4.0 Released !

  • HDRP DLSS support added for Unity 2022+
  • URP Global Post Processing Settings parameter added
  • Fixed black screen in Editor



Sorry for delayed response.

Here’s video tutorial of how to apply effects to certain layers.


Hi, I've tried to follow the guide in the video, except rather than using the layer to apply the effects to UI I had scene objects on the separate effects layer. It works with the effect, however it seems to render right on top. Is there a way to use the depth buffer to avoid drawing when it shouldn't be visible?

Video to show what is happening: