Rotation with axis/pivot around player

I'm making a 1st person puzzle game where you have to navigate the walls and ceiling to advance through a maze. I want the player to be able to rotate the maze around the player, using the player as its pivot; is there some way I could do this?

I had previously been trying to simply use transform.rotate on the level for rotation but I guess it moves too fast or something since the player usually ends up glitching through the mesh collider I have on the level(with rigidbody)

I am using the first person controller that came with unity to handle the movement of the player and I plan on putting the rotation script on the level since it's just one object

I thought it might have to do with how a third person camera orbits around a player but I wanted to see if there was a different way to go about it since my last endeavor ended in failure (collision detection destroys my soul)

Any help would be awesome...

if i understand what your asking right then you should use transform.RotateAround

var Player : Transform;
var RotateSpeed = 20;

function Update() {
    // spin the player around the world origin at 'RotateSpeed' degrees/second.
    transform.RotateAround (Player.position, Vector3.up, RotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

put this on your maze or rotating object and set the player to your player in the inspector

hope this helps