"Terrain holes" Asset

Terrain holes is an improved terrain shader.

It allows you to erase or create holes on terrain by using the built-in terrain brush - just as simple as that!

"Terrain holes" on asset store:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxasWDmmlRQ

Very useful. Nice.

I was looking at this on the asset store now you said this is just a shader so that means that the holes in the terrain are not actually holes so you cant walk through them correctly?

I see you used 4 textures in the demo. Can you use more, and can you pick which one paints the "holes"?

Yes, this is shader. It uses "Transparent -> Cut-out" for polygons you painted.
You can use more textures. I decided to pick the 4th splat (rgbA).

Nice, I plan on trying this out.

So for clarity

I am assuming that this is judt a visible hole not a hole through the collider? But i am also assuming that i could put a trigger just before and after the visible "hole" to turn collision on and off in order to pass through with different objects stopping my character falling through the now non existant terrain?

Just wanted to ensure Ihave this right about it being a visible only hole, not a "walkthrough" hole. :)