Trading Card Game Maker

Unity 5 instructions:

  • During the package import it will point you to a line 67 in EditDeckScripts.cs:clone = Instantiate(card_to_move) as GameObject;

In that line you have to add ".gameObject" after "card_to_move".

The import will continue after that, it can display some warnings, just press clear.
- Delete /Plugins and /TCG/Photon Unity Networking folders
- Download and import Photon Unity Networking Free, uncheck Demos and Utility Scripts when importing.
- It will prompt you to replace some names, click Replace, set up your Photon id and it will work after that. Don't forget to run the game from MainMenuScene.

UPDATE August 3, 2014: Build 1.3 has been released*!*
UPDATE June 10, 2014: TCG Maker has been released!
Latest build notes

Hi everyone.

When I recently decided to take up a little hobby of making a trading card game on Unity, I've immediately noticed the lack of an engine to make games like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, etc, out of the box. So instead of simply making a game, I'm making a kit so anyone could easily make a trading card game of their own.

New Multiplayer Webplayer

I'm hoping to finish most of mechanics and other features quite soon, so the first release should be submitted to the Asset Store in a couple of weeks. I know it's a bit ambitious, but I'm so excited about that kit that I'm working on it full time. Anything you might suggest could also make it into that release. I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts, criticism, suggestions or feature requests from you guys.

Here's what's already part of the engine:
- AI can draw cards, play spells and creatures, as well as attack with creatures
- you can zoom on any card in the game by holding right or middle mouse button on it
- possibility to have different decks
- the deck is being shuffled before each game (or you have a possibility not to shuffle enemy's deck, like in Duels of Planeswalkers)
- you can add new cards in a few clicks
- you can create a spell or creature parameters (that's basically a full creature, just without the picture) in a few clicks
- cards can carry up to 3 different effects per card (ex.: deal 4 damage, heal 4 damage and draw 2 cards). Currently, there are only 2 spell effects (heal and damage), but I intend on adding a LOT of them very soon.
- sound effects, card frames and card icons that you can see were all created by me, so you'd be able to use those assets out of the box for your own game or easily change them*

  • the rest of the art is there for demonstration purpose only, I'm not its owner

What I intend to add in the near future:

  • finish the mechanics like targeting, blocking
  • make a library of effects, including the most common MtG effects and probably all Hearthstone effects
  • networking

Some screens:



Hi! I have been looking for a starter kit for something like this that I can modify to my needs. I am not to worried about networking support although it could be nice. I would like it if the cards could be zoomed in a bit more (maybe middle of screen so they are easier to see? and if maybe you had some type of NGUI or other third party gui support other than unity gui.

Good stuff! I will keep an eye on this and look forward to seeing it in the asset store!

Looks really interesting … I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. My first unity project was a magic-like card game … used it to help me learn Unity.

I would agree on the use of a GUI using NGUI rather than unity GUI. I found the GUI to be the most time consuming thing for me when I did my card game so would definitely want this to be done for me. Multiplayer would be second biggest priority, I suppose.

Would love something like this!

Very smart idea!!
I voted multiplayer because what good is this playing alone and also mobile. Make it modular. Have the ability to buy cards from a shop and you are good.

Thank you guys for your interest in this! :) I've updated the webplayer demo with a new build. Here's what has been added:

Vesion 0.2 changes:
- Added a simple room-based multiplayer mode, try it with a friend or in different tabs/browsers and tell me what you think!
- Added two healing particle effects and one fire effect, you will be able to use them freely in your game or replace them with your own particles in one click. You could also disable them if you prefer the old flashing blue/red avatars.
- some database tweaks to allow for adding new game mechanics more easily

What I'm working on at the moment:
- Deck builder for players, allowing them to remove/add cards from their deck
- Point shop system, players gain some sort of currency for matches and can spend it on new cards in the shop
- looking into NGUI


Love the new update :slight_smile: Very excited for this!

Nice work!

I'm starting to work in another TCG project and I would like to see this asset, can you provide a link to download it? It would be a nice starting point for me.


nice, subscribed

Any new progress? :)

Looks awsome! I’m really interested in this projekt, but… your first link is broken.

could it be adapted for card games that don’t include stuff like magic etc like set it as gun hit instead of magic hit???

I’m currently working on a new build, there will be an update in a few days with LOTS of cool stuff, thanks for your interest!

Quite right, the link in the first post was broken. Thanks for mentioning it, fixed it.

You would be able to make any kind of game - from fantasy to sci-fi or anime. The concept and the art of the game is entirely up to you. I will try to include some art assets like particles or card frames, but it’s not my priority at the moment. Right now I’m working on finishing the network code and mechanics, so that the kit doesn’t require you to have any programming skills.

I’ll talk more about it in the new update.

Awesome! Can't wait :)

Looks definitely awsome! Does hardcoding is recommended to implement our own code for our TCG’s?

Ps: Multiplayer works perfectly. Do you use the Unity MasterServer for this?

I will watch your progress with much interest young jedi,:smile:

Do you have an ETA on this about yet?

There should be also an automatic space calculator for the cards in hand.

This is a fantastic idea. One thing you might want to implement (that at least Hearthstone missed) is player to player card trading. That would add alot of value to the game.

And also card rateity.