trigger question, drum falls

Hey,i am making a game and i want oil drum to fall when the player enters the trigger,please how can i change the time it takes for each drop when the player enters the trigger?,i have an image and c# script attach below thank you.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class OilDrumFall : MonoBehaviour {

 public Rigidbody DumPrefab;
 public Transform LandingSpot;

void OnTriggerStay(Collider target)
    if(target.tag == "Player")
          Instantiate(DumPrefab,LandingSpot.position, LandingSpot.rotation);


Lol next time, make the question small and put the details in the post

Firstly, instead of on trigger stay you just need on trigger so the drop isn’t interrupted if the player goes away

Secondly, you are spawning the drum, not dropping it

Instead of assigning a prefab, assign the drum from the scene

Next dont use a Instantiate use a function that would move it like this:

transform.Translate(LandingSpot.position * Time.deltaTime * 5);

Change the 5 to whatever speed you want

Good luck,