Trying to import package but it keeps changing the name of the scene in the package to the one in my project.

Here are my steps to recreate my issue:

Open project 1 - Rename scene from SampleScene to E09 - export scene

Open project 2 - Rename scene from SampleScene to E11 - export scene

Open new project - import E09.unitypackage - scene name in package is no longer E09. It is SampleScene again.

How can I fix this? I cannot import these packages because they both keep trying to import scenes of the same name and overwrite each other and I cannot figure this out.

Help is appreciated.

EDIT: After playing around trying to get this to work, even more unexpected bahavior that I do not understand. Screenshots to demonstrate what looks like a bug, and not a feature:

I have the exactly same problem… I initially exported the scene to my collaborator and he changed the scene and exported the scene back to me. I want to keep both versions of the scenes, but the scene he changed and renamed came back to ‘original name’ when I tried to import. So it will overwrite my existing scene which I don’t want… My suspicion is some Unity meta file that keeps the history of scene change. (It also reverts the change in script name so I also can’t have two copies of the scripts)

It’s very annoying bugs… can somebody look into it?

Though I have not figured out the renaming issue, I have found a solution that works for me. Before exporting your package, move the scene you wish to export to a new folder. Then do the export with the scene in a completely different folder. When you import it to a new project, it should be in its own separate folder, so it should not overwrite anything anymore.

Additionally, I don’t seem to have the overwrite/rename issue in the latest version of Unity 2020.1.0 - unless I have just forgotten how to recreate it properly.

If you have the same issue try either of the above.
Hope this helps.