Unhide unseen objects.

Sorta funny that I was asking the exact opposite question a year ago, but is there is way in which I can have all of the gameobjects in a scene rendered? Today, I got the terrain transparency shader to work in my game except that any objects under the terrain do not render! I need them to do so. So how would I get unseen objects to render?

Thank you in advance!

First of all, Unity renders all objects that intersect the viewing frustum, even if they’re completely obscured by other objects (the depth buffer decides which parts are visible). If the objects under the terrain aren’t being rendered, then your transparent shader isn’t that transparent!

Second: if you’re talking about the standard Unity terrain engine, bad news: the terrain is a very weird creature that doesn’t handle transparency well - I tried a lot to make the terrain shader semitransparent, to no avail: the terrain triangles appeared in the wrong order, random parts of the terrain just disappeared when the camera moved, and so on.

If you want to make certain parts of the terrain fully transparent, an alternative is the depth mask, an object rendered with a special shader that don’t render anything, just preserves the image behind it. Take a look at this answer to know how it can be done.