Unity 5.35 - Shadows flickering (Directional light)

Hi guys!
So i’ve been working on a game where you basicly just fly around and shoot other planes. I allready made a prototype and now im working on the final game. Well i’ve started to build together my scene and during some testing i noticed that the shadows projected by the directional light behave really weird. Like mentioned in the title they are flickering. I allready tried everything that came into my mind. Like changing the rendering path. I probably tried changing every option regarding shadows in the quality settings. I wondered if it was a problem with my computer so i opened an old project in which i tried to build a basic day-night cycle. No problems visible there. So imported some of the assets of my plane project and placed them in the scene. Still no problem. Is anyone of you familiar with this problem and knows a solution to this?
Thanks in advance!

PS: Just the basic setup of my scene:
->Big ocean (Water basic daytime)
->Island (Terrain)
->Runway for the Plane
->The plane itself with particle systems (engine) and the main camera attached to it
->Directional light (Sun in procedural skybox)

I have this problem, my scene is huge and the further away you get from the centre of the scene (0,0,0) the worst it becomes. Shadows flicker and are inaccurate. Changing the Near clipping planes on the camera seems to fix it although this isn’t an option for me.

Hey guys. I’m fighting with flickering as we speak. I have a basic day/night cycle and when it comes to dark everything just goes wild.

What I managed to find out so far is that the problem could be a “z buffer”. I know I’m not much of a help but it’s something we can start our path to solution :slight_smile: