Unity Features Question

Hi folks,

we’re planning to create a new game, but first of all we need to be sure that Unity will be able to help us. We need the following stuff:

  1. First person shooter
  2. Multiplayer support. client-server. (game flow will be similar to the Counter Strike - 2 teams, game lobby, score, console, one map)
  3. Several sound sources on one map
  4. A huge game map
  5. Ability to use a different vehicles in the game.

Upd. After searching for tutorial and resources i see that items #1 and #3 can be implemented using Unity 3D engine. What about other items?

Thanks in advance

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: Yes, but you will need to script a lot of that yourself, although there are some scripts and tutorials that may have nuggets to speed you along.