Unity game music

Where can I get free game music for putting in my game? I don't really mind what style.

Flashkit has some good music loops, shorter ones for building your own music or longer ones that could easily be played on their own. Problem is finding good freeware ones. :)

Another good site is Incompetech. The guy who runs it makes all genres of music, usually long 3-minute pieces and they sound amazing... especially given that they're all royalty-free.

youtube =) google =) http://downloads.khinsider.com/ =]

http://www.freesound.org/ is very helpful I’ve found. You can also make music (no pun intended) using audacity

Hi. Lots of songs and loops DOVA-SYNDROME(https://dova-s.jp/) .
It’s often used in Japanese free games.Their license permits to use their sounds as background music for commercial games.
YouTube Channel is this !
DOVA-SYNDROME YouTube Official - YouTube