Unity sockets

Hi all, help please, what need to use sockets? dll, or it is built into Unity?
Example… ServerSide

if button.click SocketServer.Start(ip,port);

mes = socket.receive();
if (mes > 0)
if(mes[0] == 'Join')
Player[players] = mes[1];
if(mes[0] == 'Model_0')
GameObject.Instantiate(prefab_0, mes[1], mes[2]);
if(mes[0] == 'pos')
GameObject.Find(mes[1]).transform.position = mes[2];

dll …?
photon linux not support
Sorry for my bad english!

Using sockets is built into C#. This isn’t related to Unity. Now whether or not Unity prevents you from using sockets, I’m unaware of. But, I believe it should all be very possible. Here’s an introduction guide to socket programming in C#. If you’re using JavaScript, I’m not sure how possible that will be, but I’m sure with a little googling you can figure it out.