use AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync in editor is about 10 times slower on windows than on ios devices


I am use AssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync() load a group of objects from separate assetbundle. but I found the speed in editor on windows is much slower than on mac. for example, I load one scene from assetsbundle, in editor, on mac, only needed 10s, but on windows, need 2 minute.

anyone have more info for this? or have good suggestions about how to speed up “LoadAsync”?

Try to Defragement your hard drive.

Open up the “File Explorer”

Right Click the Drive like (C:) or another drive that you have your Unity running in.

Then Tools > Optimize

This should help if you have a Hard Drive.
Usually reading and writing becomes difficult with filled hard drives.
Recommend Solid State Drives for running programs and Hard Drives for storing none indexed/compressed data.