User choose audio from HardDisk/Cd

How to give the user the ability to choose the audio file(wav,mp3,ogg, etc) from his/her harddisk or CD and play it in a unity game? Note: I mean unity game does not contain that audio file but the user has it on his/her harddisk or CD.

Alternative Question: If this is not possible through programming/scripting nice user interface, is it possible for the user manually (ex, drag his MP3 file and "rename it" and put in a target folder saw unity game can "read" or play it?

you can use the WWW class and it's audioclip property to load a file and play it. when you want to download the file if you put "file://path" inside the constructor of the class you can load files from the disk. the file should be in ogg format and you need a command line program or plugin to convert wave/mp3 files to ogg or you should play them using a plugin. in windows you can use windows media player's COM component or mci. i don't know about mac osx. the sample included in the above link shows you how to play audio. you should use a "file::path.ogg" as url string.

It sounds like you are looking for a file browser for the user to choose a local file. Have a look at these questions:

Question1 Question2

You can find an example of a browser in the wiki (link) or this link might help (link)

Once the file is selected, you load the file and treat it like a normal audio clip.