Visual effects graph Error: VFXExpressionInverseTRSMatrix used on a not TRS Matrix

So I’m new at visual effects graphs so I’m not sure where to start taking care of this error. I looked around and couldn’t find an answer to this error or why it happens, and it’s happening to half of my VFX graphs. Hopefully, someone can help me here and at least give me some pointers. I’ve done some messing around and found that it only happens when I close a graph and when it is not open the effect isn’t showing up in the editor or play mode. It seems to have to do with the (vector field force) block, but I can’t figure it out. I hope anyone can help can find this error anywhere else.

Exception while compiling expression graph: System.InvalidOperationException: VFXExpressionInverseTRSMatrix used on a not TRS Matrix

Sorry for the dumpster diving, but I came across the same problem.

I would assume that the problem is that the scale parameter of the Turbulence block has some values set to 0. If there is no need for scaling then it should be set to 1.

I have the same exact problem! I cant figure out what to do. One of my VFXs is able to run no matter what. But as soon as i open up one of the other two i have, it stops working.

This is the one that works no matter what:

This is one of the two shaders that wont save with the same error the op has.

I just started working with VFX Graphs as well, trying to make a rain effect. Only thing that can cause this, and i dont actually know if thats the case, is i have Bolt and Peek installed by Ludiq from the asset store.

So I’ve managed to substitute the vector field force block with the force block and it gave me the same result with no error. I’m guessing the vector field force was interfering with something else.

For @dennypahlke I remade your graph and got the error as well, it seems to be the two turbulence blocks in the update particles. If you disable one it still happens so something is interfering with them from another block group. I would make another VFX graph then add in the same update stuff and slowly remake the rest of the VFX graph and test it for each block until the error starts happening. Then you should be able to find that interfering block and either modify it or replace it.

Same problem here. Just reared its ugly head.