Vsync on or off?

I have read and found out what vsync is about but I’m still in doubt if I should turn this of or on. I am building a game for Android and iOS. The game is heavy on physics, with profiler readings of over 70% on physics.simulate :frowning: (due to use of cloth objects). So I’m trying to save every bit of performance possible.

Disabling vsync from quality settings boosts the game’s FPS by 4 and even more, and the game runs smooth. With vsync enabled, only some minor jittering is experienced but FPS is ok - capped at 60 but most of the time being 30 - 50.

I’m using this script to compare fps.

I prefer when the game runs at 100 fps and over. But I don’t know exactly what i’m losing when disabling vsync. I heard about tearing effects, but I don’t exactly know what this is.

Should I enable or disable vsync?

iOS devices, at least, are always vsynced, so you don’t get to choose. Tearing is when the screen updates in the middle of drawing it, so the top part is offset a bit from the bottom part. This isn’t an issue in iOS, since as I mentioned you can’t turn vsync off anyway.