Was Pokemon GO made with Unity?

Someone told me this, but I can’t find any official word of it online – I’m just curious if anyone here knows.

Thanks forum.


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Doesn't surprise me. There is not a lot of tech involved. And Unity is pretty much the go to for any mobile game.

For mobile, you need a very good reason to consider using something other then Unity.


I was wondering who the guy was so I checked his profile:

Spamming like a pro :smile:

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It's got a made with unity splash screen. So.... yea.


I downloaded it on iOS on day 2. No splash screen. So I guess they hit the 100k mark on day 1 and choose to upgrade. :wink:

On a serious note there are Unity products included on the lisence page, so it is legit Unity.

That's about when I did, iOS as well. Don't see it everytime, only when I force quit and restart.

I'm actually a little surprised there haven't been requests for tutorials on how to make it yet. ;)

They were able to do it because they had a dark skin to relax their eyes during the hard times of game development. No Fair!

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Just imagine how much more successful they would be if they got rid of the splash screen. ;)


It’s coming. Maybe I should get started.

Odd. I get the garodous ‘pay attention to your surroundings’ splash screen.


I see that too.... sometimes for hours. ;)


Yup. Definite proof that bugs aren’t that important if you have the right IP. Our local servers went down at 8am this morning. It was announced on the news on the radio when they came back up at 4pm.

So many distracted drivers on the roads this evening.


Central Park has never been safer:

check the wiki page (the side bar) Engine: unity :slight_smile:2707204--191895--pokemongowiki.PNG


No kidding. Ingress was certainly popular with a select group, but GO quickly shifted from popular to phenomenon. It’s really an impressive convergence of elements. Not only the right IP, but probably the only IP that could leverage it to that degree. It is fascinating to follow.

Status updates on the radio? Wow. Just wow. That is part of what is fascinating about it. When was the last time regular media reported much on games, no matter how popular? Around here, the food trucks are placing lures to boost business and one of the walmarts has become almost a mecca because they dropped so many lures.

We are pretty lucky at work. There were several hardcore ingress players here, and GO is using that data as a content base. There are two pokestops and a gym in my office. :wink: (and it isn’t a very big office)…


It’s Pokemon, Nintendo’s hand of Midas. Anything it touches turns to gold.

There was a year that Pokemon alone represented 1/6th of Japan’s entire GDP. Insanity.

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They were clearly only this successful because their splash screen didn’t say “Personal Edition”. :smile:


Nope - Your the first. :stuck_out_tongue:
Really - can one app make a stock rise so much for - a free app? I just don’t get it.
This is where I fail to understand the BIG game that is publicly traded company stocks.

You might be simply failing to stand how big the game is. Estimates here put the game as getting more network traffic then Twitter. And it’s still early days. It would not surprise me if it keeps getting bigger over the next few months.

So many possibilities for social engineering with this game. Traffic profiles have already been affected. It would not surprise me if it eventually messes with land values too.

I hadn’t thought through the possibility of companies using lures. This puts monetisation in a whole new ball game. It’s plausible that Nintendo might never need to aggressively monetise players, business revenue might be enough.


Companies aren’t just using Lures only, they’re also offering other methods to get players inside:

Even if the hype for this game doesn’t last beyond a few months, the effect on “society” and ridiculous popularity is likely to cause it to become a case study for some time now I’d bet.

And it isn’t even globally released yet!