Webcam Support in Unity (iSight or USB Camera)

I'm looking for something that can acquire video input from a builtin video camera (iSight on an iMac) or USB webcam.

Are there any free drivers/plugins out there that bring video input into Unity3d?

I’ve solved it myself now using the built-in WebCamTexture checkout my post on my site showing how to implement it

Jon Martin has got communication of flash video data via sockets to Unity working ! He's working on cleaning up the code and will release it sometime in the future.

You can try this. It uses an Air application (Flash) to get the cam feed and send it to unity via a socket connection...

In this case Unity application work with web cam, but I can't understand how. I can't find a word about webcam in docs.

Hi !

This demo [Unity Video Remake: Webcam Textures -][1]

[1]: Unity Video Remake: Webcam Textures - is working fine.

But I think it could better to see the webcam of user that are connecting to the scene.

To see my own webcam is not really useful, don’t you think ?


This link is working fine !

But is it possible to see the user’s webcam that are connecting to the 3D Scene ?

The actually demo show my own Webcam, it is not really useful. Don’t you think ?

Is it possible to my friend’s webcam ?

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you I found your demo really helpful.

I was wondering if anyone has had success regarding applying the WebCamTexture to a Plane or a GuiTexture on iOS.

It works on iOS but seems to be flipped and rotated.

I can flip and rotate the pixels in the update but that is making performance very slow.

I think they have taken away WebCam support in unity4 trial version because all I can see is a logo of unity instead of a web cam picture.