WebCamTexture to byte[]?

Hi there.

I want to stream phone camera video and to do that I’m trying to convert WebCamTexture to byte[] but it appeared there’s no way to do that. I can see only GetPixels() and GetPixels32() methods but I believe they’re quite slow.
Is there efficient way to get byte array out of webcam frame? Or am I on the wrong way?

GetPixels32 is good for processing

You can use BinaryFormatter to convert pixels to bytes perhaps

FMETP STREAM have example scenes of Webcam Video chat between any devices, or HTML too.
It also supports some low-end devices like iPhone 5.

Asset Store:


PS: In general, pixels to byte is very huge in file size. It’s not realistic for streaming in wifi environment. The performance will be very bad without native encode/decode, as it’s blocking your main thread.