WebGL build on Wix.com ?

One friend of mine asked me to make a game for his website project on Wix.com,and I decided to use WebGL.
I later found that I could barely find information on how to do this.
Does Wix.com even support Unity’s WebGL build? If so, what should I type in Wix.com’s frame?

Have same question.

I used Wix site in the past to review its possibilities some years ago and I don’t remember the posibility to upload your own content as in a ftp upload to a web server.

I have searched a little a moment ago about this but the ftp functionality is not supported and I think the extensions in the marketplace only allow to host some basic documents not folders and so on.

Anyway you could try to host your game in Dropbox and access from your friend’s website but won’t be the same.

Came across this. I created an AWS webserver to host my game and just pointed to it within a Wix frame. I am sure there is a more elegant solution, but this worked for me.